How To Use Algolint

Algolint is your online ide for practice algorithms/programming. The editor screen looks like this,
Upper left links are Nevigation links, Your profile name is link to your public profile. Your current open file is next to your profile name, to edit file name click on its name on this panel.
Left Top buttons are your user menu it looks like this,
To Create a note click on "Note" Button.
Code Menu looks like this,
To add a code click on the radio buttons for the respective language (C/C++, Java, Ruby or Python). This will add blank code file for you to write code.
You can choose code template for some general algorithms, by clicking Choose Code Template button. You can also save your own template for future usage. To save your current file as a template select Save in my template. This will make your current file template.
By default all your notes/codes are public i.e. they are publicly available on your public profile page. You can make them private by selecting Make file private option.
When you are done with your code you can compile it by clicking Compile Code button (or pressing ctrl+shift+c). Compile screen looks like this,
You can anytime go back to the output screen by clicking View Output (or pressing ctrl+shift+o).
All your files are available on Files Menu. Your recent files are available there, you can choose them to edit or remove them. File menu looks like this,
To manage all files you can click on Manage File button, Manage File looks like this,
You can add folders and drag files to them to categorize your files in folders.
Your public profile looks like this,
You can set your editor preferences in Setting menu, it looks like this,
You can add your Dropbox Account here, that will sync all your files you create here, to your Dropbox account.
You can customize your profile link by clicking Get it now button. There you can check for your profile name availability and if your profile name is available, you can make it your profile links.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Compile Code: Ctrl + Shift + c
View Output: Ctrl + Shift + o
Manage Files: Ctrl + Shift + m
Algolint is avilable as command line utility, Click here to download

You are now ready to start your practice, If you find it useful, share it with your friends also you can find us on social networks. Please give us your valuabe feedback on twitter/facebook. You can also fork algolint on github, Algolint is Open Source :)