Algolint is available to use as Command Line tool

Download Package
Ubuntu/Debian (.deb) algolint_1.0-1_all.deb
Redhat/Fedora (.rpm) algolint-1.0-2.noarch.rpm
From Source (.tar) algolint-cli.tar.gz

or Install from commad line
Ubuntu/Debian (.deb)
cd /tmp && wget -q "" && sudo dpkg -i algolint*all.deb && cd -

Redhat/Fedora (.rpm)
cd /tmp && wget -q "" && sudo rpm -i algolint*.rpm && cd -

From Source (.tar)
cd /tmp && wget -q "" && tar xvf algolint-cli.tar.gz && ./setup && cd -

How to use
To login from your local system to algolint use,
This will ask for your algolint credential and save it to your local system for future usage

To fetch your files from algolint to your local system, use
algolint get all

Create blank new file to your algolint account, use
algolint create filename

To save your local file to algolint and compile, use
algolint filename

To make anyfile template in your aloglint, use
algolint filename --make-template

List all template from your algolint account, use
algolint list-templates

Create new file and use template, use
algolint create filename --template template-name
For your complains and suggestions use our twitter handle @algolint

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